My new studio!

You may have seen over on my instagram that I have a new home for my Tideline Trash and Treasures. Well, mostly it's for the trash! Because seriously, it was really taking over, folks. Boxes and bags of beach trash everywhere with no set storage and an over-crowded table in the corner of the lounge to work at.
Something definitely had to change and now, after a summer of shed demolition, studio building, painting and lots and lots of plastic sorting I have a gorgeous new studio in my garden to fill up with plastics and plant friends, and a gorgeous work view of our wildlife pond! 

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my awesome friends and fam who knocked down sheds, got covered in gutter gunk, hauled timbers, painted, pottered and celebrated with me.

Now I have a proper space to work I’m looking forward to sharing lots of new creations, more process time-lapse vids, and a lot of spam of new leaves on plants! They’re just so damn cute!