School workshop testimonials

We just LOVED having Carmen come and speak to us about her adventures on the beach and the artwork she makes from rubbish. Our children (and teachers!) were so inspired by what she shared and we're all very excited to get stuck into making our own recycled pieces. We've learnt a lot about how we can save our planet and what better way than to make rubbish into something beautiful! Thank you so much Carmen!

Emily Hamilton - Southwater Infant School

It was really good, so much fun. There was a lot of rubbish on the beach and it felt good to help clean just a little of it. When the weather is better we could do it for a whole day! I couldn't believe how similar fishing tackle looks to some types of seaweed. And I loved finding the fisherman's kiss! I can't wait for my picture to be finished. Carmen was so patient with me and helped me understand how to get my picture looking it's best and how to build it up to 3d. Thank you! I can't wait to see her again soon and show her my next creation!

Rory - year 5

Carmen, you were amazing. We all fell a little bit in love with you! You were kind, patient, fun, not to mention inspiring! Thank you so, so much.

Rebecca Blasco - Atelier 21 Future School

What a brilliant afternoon! I can’t praise the session you planned enough Carmen. It was the right mix of teaching (the presentation at the start was great, it set out who you were and why you are an ‘artivist’) and practical experimentation. The sessions was really well resourced: amount of plastic waste you had meant that every child – and we had a lot of them – had access to a huge range of shapes, textures, sizes, and therefore everyone created the most amazingly creative and in some cases emotive pieces. I also felt the time you spent with the children, walking around and talking through their ideas was excellent. You gave them a sense of pride within their work, and it meant even students who were self-confessed non-creatives, made a piece of art – and a good one at that. There were some highlights: the killer whale by Beau; the crab with its plastic fork pincers by Katie – but all in all, what a fantastic workshop, super value for money and most of all, it bore success for every single child. Thank you so very much. We can’t wait to invite you back for more workshops.


Daniel Summers - Felpham Community College

My day with you was the best day of the holidays. Even better than Easter eggs!

Rory, year 5

Ricky – I was inspired by you telling us about the danger to the animals. Thank you!


Alisa - I like how even plastic can be made into amazing art!


Dexter - You inspired me to make my own plastic art pictures.


Ghillie - I’ve been inspired to clean up our beaches and make some pictures.


Joanna - I’ve always loved animals and now I love them even more.


Isla - Today I learned that plastic is not all bad – it can be made beautiful!

Class 4, Avoch Primary