Sustainability Statement

I aim to be accountable for what I make, how I make it and all the decisions along the way. I will keep reevaluating my impact and trying to improve.

What I do now

  • My main art material is trash from Sussex beach cleans. I try to reuse and recycle as much of the beach trash as possible and only throw away as a last resort.
  • All my packaging is reused, recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. 
  • I use plant-based cello bags for my cards and screen prints.
  • I work from home and use renewable energy.
  • I partner with sustainable markets to sell my art.
  • I only use eco-conscious resin and water-based screen printing inks and source my art materials from independent businesses where possible. 

What I'm working on next

  • Prints

I'm looking into producing prints of my artwork and am researching sustainable, eco-friendly companies. I'm aiming for carbon-conscious printing with vegetable ink and recycled papers. I have discovered an amazing local company that uses paper made from recycled plastic straws! Watch this space!

  • Frames and canvases 

I want to use frames and canvases that are locally produced to reduce transport costs and carbon footprint. I am currently researching sustainable canvas options - FSC certified wood, reclaimed materials, bamboo etc. and will be swapping suppliers as soon as I can. I'm not there yet but I'm working on it. 

For bespoke framing I work with brilliant local community group Men In Sheds and they create beautiful and unique frames from reclaimed wood. They are a five minute walk from my house and are about as sustainable as I can get.

  • Glue

This is a tricky one. The nature of beach trash is that I dont always know the origin or make-up of the materials I am using. I use all purpose adhesive because it is the most effective glue to stick all the varied items I use in my art. I have tried various 'eco' glues and they haven't performed well enough. The research continues! Ideally I'd like to use glue that is more eco conscious, with recyclable or reusable packaging. Got any suggestions? Get in touch, I'd love to hear them!