Waxwing Winter 2 of 2

Waxwing Winter 2 of 2

A waxwing winter! Made from trash collected on Sussex beach cleans. 

These two beauts were inspired by the current waxwing irruption where large numbers migrate to Britain for winter from their summer breeding grounds in Russia and Scandinavia. Waxwing winters don’t occur every year and the birds don’t often reach as far south as Sussex but this year they are here in great numbers with their punky hair and bright colours. I haven’t spotted them yet but check out photographs by @ben_inthewild and Richard Griffiths on insta.

Waxwings get their name from the red wax-like tips to their wing feathers. I’ve recreated them from a plastic bottle lid seal, chopped into teeny pieces. 

These waxwing buddies were made from washed up fabrics and socks, string, insulated wires, fishing gear, fishing beads, nylon fishing cords, unidentified plastics, ribbon, shoe laces, ice cream wrapper, hair bands and a plastic bottle lid security ring. Swipe for a pic of all the ingredients. 

This little guy is framed in a 8x6 open frame, no glass so you can enjoy the textures and punkyness, ready to hang.

Each art work is created from beach plastics and rubbish collected on beach cleans and is therefore unique.  



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